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Supremacy Network's successful team members who have attained name, fame, money, recognition and most importantly a self-confidence to conquer the world.


I joined in 2010, became a Senior Manager in 2011, Director in 2012, Gold Director in 2016. It was easy in the beginning because I focused on myself. But it was easy to become a Gold Director only when I focused on leadership development in my team. It was easy when I plugged a system in my team. It was easy when I focused on myself and on my personal development. Success is nowhere outside, it's within yourself, which I searched and brought out. Leadership qualities are very much important if you want to climb the Oriflame success ladder, which I developed inside me. Because when you have a massive team, you need to know how to handle people. With a right attitude and with right consistent actions, proper system and with determination definitely, any one can achieve in this opportunity. I will definitely hit my executive title soon. Wait for the good news soon.


My success happened only when I identified my problems. Core team is my big success. It happened when I focused on leadership development and systematic work. I focused on skincare sessions only. Every month I did minimum 25 skincare sessions. Which gave me massive success. I fulfilled all my dreams with Oriflame. Every home maker like me has dreams, if you want to fulfill it please join Oriflame, it will definitely happen. I got respect in my family and society because of Oriflame only. I thank my husband for great support, my energetic team members, my sister in-law Leela Boominathan she is my sponsor and support. I extend my hearty thanks to my AM Simi Mahendran and Chennai branch staffs.


I feel happy and proud to stand on this stage today. The reason behind my success is my best upline Leela Boominathan, my lovely family, especially my daughters and my successful team. I joined as a self-user, was very passionate about the products only. I got inspired by the successful people in Oriflame. Leela ma’am identified the potential for me and told to try the business. She gave me the company's 90days plan. With that, I made myself super coachable and implemented everything and everyday action was made. I want to make an SM level in 90days. We focused on training, plans, system and consistent actions and made it possible in 90days. I will definitely bring my team to big levels in more 90days plans. Everyone can achieve definitely if I can do it. Last but not the least, I thank our AM Simi Mahendran and Chennai staff for their great support.


I want to do a big achievement and come to get the recognitions in Chennai. Lakpathi program was launched this time. I never wanted to miss it. So I started novage special skincare sessions regularly at my home. I have an 8-month old kid, keeping him on hand at my home I did the sessions on a daily basis. My kid will be playing or sleeping but I will do sessions at home. It gave me tremendous results. With all my leader's support, I did this. My team is a great energy for me they always do an outstanding performance. My husband and my daughter gave me a great care and support to make this happen. So with a system, knowledge, consistent actions, everyone can achieve this. Show your results and family will support you lot. Never give excuses, if you decide you will make it happen. So decide today.

Sabirunisha Director testimony

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Almighty who showed me up Oriflame as my career. I was a simple homemaker before and when I first got into this business, I recognised I had less confidence because I have never been into such field and my shyness even. I recognised Director testimonial in Chennai and that was the first time for me to Chennai. I was spell bound. I have been exposed to this field before three years but it took so long for me to complete the director level. This is because I was unaware of a special quality which is leadership. When I clearly visualised this quality I was done up with my achievement. In my opinion, each and every woman whoever it may be has every sort of potential to succeed. Their talents are being dumped. I wish to provoke their talents and bring out many directors like me. The essential qualities to attain success is leadership quality, required training and good product knowledge. If every woman concentrates on her very own family it will be enough to be titled as a Senior Manager, I hope so. I conclude by thanking my upline Leela Boominadhan who guided me well, my supportive downlines and Simi ma'am as well as Chennai branch.

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